The Market Lane or “Monkey Bar” as it is affectionately known as by our local regulars, is ‘The Bar’ to get a quality pint at a good price when you’re in The Toon.

For more than 150 years, The Market Lane on Pilgrim Street has been a firm fixture in the Newcastle city centre nightlife circuit. 

Originally called the Old Market Lane Hotel, the pub – which can trace its history back to around 1850 – was a popular watering hole for the Irish bricklayers who helped build much of Victorian Newcastle.

Legend has it that they used to leave their hods, or monkeys, in the passageway as security against their bar bill – giving the venue the nickname it still has today.

The Market Lane was given a brand new look in 2019, however keeping a nod to its heritage in the form of monkey light fittings and framed historical prints. These depict some of the construction projects the Monkey Bar’s early customers would have worked on, such as the High Level bridge – which opened in 1849 – Central Station, in 1850, the Swing Bridge, which opened later, in 1876 and the Tyne Bridge, which opened in 1928.

With a wide selection of premium spirits, beers and lagers and hot drinks, The Market Lane has your drink choice covered.

 Holding regular live music nights, showing all major sporting events and with great offers available throughout the week, The Market Lane is a must visit pub when you’re in Newcastle.